Ocean Collection


Myths, legends, gods and planets.

Small Moon
W 300 × H 300 mm
Outside neck 120mm,
inside 100mm, base 120mm

W 11.81 × H 11.81 in.
Outside neck 4.72 in.,
inside 3.94 in,, base 4.72 in.
Large Moon
W 450 × H 484 mm
Outside neck 170mm,
inside 150mm, base 170mm

W 17.72 × H 19.06 in.
Outside neck 6.69 in.,
inside 5.91 in., base 6.69 in.

Hand made, recycled copper. Custom sizes available. Ordering lead time: 10–12 weeks. Selected items in stock. Please contact us for more details.

  • Moon and Siren
    Moon and Siren
  • Moon and Dora
    Moon and Dora