Bronzino® containers are hand-made by artisans from sheets of solid copper, brass and zinc, for use inside and out. Inspired by traditional metalworking forms and techniques, Scottish artist-designer Kenneth Topp established Bronzino in 2005 to create a showcase for European craft-based functional planter design.

Stylish and versatile their uses extend well beyond the display of plants – they have been used for log bins, fountains, tables, lighting and storage.

Bronzino works with architects, designers and private clients worldwide and has supplied for the exterior terraces of hotels in New York, Amsterdam, San Sebastian, Dubai, Moscow, Edinburgh, London and many other locations. A custom service is available. All designs are exclusive to Bronzino.

Bronzino the metal workshop takes its name from 16th century Florentine poet and painter Agnolo Bronzino. His work in two mediums places him in a distinguished group of artist poets that include Michaelangelo, William Blake and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. His paintings have long captivated audiences around the world although his most well-known works are famously resistant to interpretation. Often visual conundrums.

Bronzino was the the nickname given to the artist by his contemporaries, it suggests two of our metals (bronze and zinc). As with the artist, the workshop intend through time to develop designs that will cross mediums and expressions.

Bronzino’s founder Kenneth Topp is from a family rooted over several centuries to the North East of Scotland, many of the planters and vases are named after the rivers, forests and people associated with that part of Scotland. He studied Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, bronze casting and finishing with the celebrated George Mancini and completed an MA in Public Art & Design at Chelsea School of Art.